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Haida Gwaii is home to close-knit, inter-connected communities.  Ocean Edge Expeditions works with other locally owned businesses to ensure you experience the very best of what Haida Gwaii has to offer, in addition to meeting the awesome entrepreneurs and staff of these small businesses.  Our aim is to support our friends to achieve their full potential; we feel truly blessed to have such fun, loving neighbours!  You won't only leave Haida Gwaii with a collection of spectacular photos, you'll also have memories that will last a lifetime of the beautiful people you will surely encounter along your travels!

We are all very grateful to our guests for choosing to visit our playground and thank you for contributing to the island's economic development.  Haawa | Haw'aa | Thank you


Restaurant in Daajing Giids

Daawxusda Fishing

Fishing Charters

Echo Bay Lodge

Suite & 2-Bedroom Apartment in Daajing Giids


Restaurant in Daajing Giids

Go Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii Trip Planning

Green Coast

Kayak Expeditions & Rentals

Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve & Haida Heritage Site

Gwaii Haanas Trip Planner

Haida Style Expeditions

Cultural Tours into Gwaii Haanas National Park & Haida Heritage Site

Haida Tide

Electric Bike Rentals & Tours

Hillside Suite

2-Bedroom Guest Suite in Daajing Giids

Jags Beanstalk

Coffee Shop & Guest Rooms in Skidegate

Love Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii Trip Planning

Moresby Explorers

Kayak Expeditions, Tours, & Transport into Gwaii Haanas National Park & Haida Heritage Site

Saahlinda Naay Haida Gwaii Museum

Haida Gwaii Museum

Sedna Exploration

Scuba Diving

Skyfall Cottage

2-Bedroom Guest Suite in Daajing Giids

Spruce Point Lodge

Accommodation in Daajing Giids

Willows Golf Resort

Golf, Accommodations, and Clubhouse in Sandspit

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