Sleeping Beauty

Reach for the top as you climb Mount Genevieve through old growth forest to the nose for unobstructed panoramic views of Yakoun Lake, Rennell Sound, Tow Hill and Masset.  The Sleeping Beauty trail is a challenging 2-hour vertical hike with opportunities for stair climbing and rope climbing.  Explore this beautiful landscape, the unique plants and vegetation that call Mt. Genevieve home.



Expect to challenge yourself during this rigorous climb on a rainforest trail.  The vertical trail crosses bridges, tumbles over tree roots, climbs wooden stump-like steps, ladders, ropes and potential slogs through mud. The trail can be wet as it is a rainforest, but the breathtaking views are your reward.  The trail to the summit takes 2 hours for most to climb up to the top of Mt. Genevieve (729 metres). Coming down it takes 45 minutes. The steep decline is dangerous and can be very slippery. It is hard on the knees for some and wipe-outs are a possibility. There are points when descending backwards down the steep trail is a safer option. There are plenty of discarded tree stumps on the route to sit and rest on during the hike.  There are no washrooms on the trail, but we will stop on our way to and from the trail at outhouses located at the Kagan Bay campground. 


Dates: Fridays from May to October 

Price: $150/person

Departure Time: 9:30 am from Daajing Giids/Queen Charlotte

Transportation: We will pick you up and return you to your accommodation located anywhere between Daajing Giids/Queen Charlotte and Tll.aal/Tlell. We will confirm pick up times within 7 days of your tour.

Participation Requirements: We recommend that participants are physically fit with a lot of endurance.

Included: Transportation, trekking poles, lunch, local guide.

Please Bring: A daypack to carry the lunch provided for you and water for the day.  Footwear should be comfortable for hiking for extended periods, hiking boots are preferable.  Non-slip soles are required as the trail can be slippery.  Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather conditions on the day.