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About Ocean Edge Expeditions

Live on the Edge

Who We Are

Ocean Edge Expeditions is a small, locally owned and operated company who help guests enjoy authentic experiences on Haida Gwaii.  We offer a variety of experiences that exceed traveler’s expectations by exploring all the wonders Haida Gwaii has to offer. 

Because we strongly believe that Haida Gwaii is a magical place, we want to share our experience with others. We’re guided by our values of grit, integrity, gratitude, and healthy lifestyles in which we respect the guests, environment, and quality of the services we provide.

We offer hiking experiences to encourage the practice of walking and to highlight its benefits for the body, the spirit, and its eco-responsible dimension.  We offer ocean and river experiences to share our love of watersports, respect for natural waters, and appreciation for the landscape from another perspective.  We offer artisan experiences to explore local museums and galleries to be inspired by incredibly creative locals. We do this all and more through an approach that combines respect for Haida territory, people, beauty, adventure, and fun.

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